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25 July 2010 @ 07:16 pm
A really quick one. Just so I have an excuse not to do all the other things I need to do.
Like the translation stuff. Yeah, I'm doing a fan-translation for a Bulgarian forum. It's my first time, so I still lack the speed and skills to translate more than 4 pages in an hour (my best score so far, a poor one, but my best =.=) Plus, I'm already behind. And I wanted to finish it by the end of this week. btw Do you know what my first assignment is? 70 pages in .pdf. I've done only 20 of them so far, because... well, I'm kind of lazy and I haven't been translating anything the past 3 or 4 days (and people call me responsible (they also say I have a good concentration; how deluded can they get?).
I also need to start reading the books for school. Most of this year's literature is poetry but there also is the single one book I could never read although I've started it like... 10 times. I usually get to the 30 page and then stop because I find it too boring. The irony - our school is named after the author *facepalm*. 2nd irony - I need to read all of the books because of those extra classes. 3rd irony - I need to know this literature because most of it will be part of my overall exam. God, I already miss the analysis of the Ancient Greek literature (I can't believe I'm saying this but I would take The Iliad over most of this list any day) and The Bible, and even Don Quixote, and... and the Old Slavic Literature!
As you can deduct, I'm not doing any of this stuff right now. Recently I've been reading a lot of IchiHime fanfics. For some reason it's the subject of most of the fanfics I read. But those guys are just so cute together <333 (Which reminds me of all the manga I have to catch up with -.- Not that I don't want to but I just don't have enough time. This, btw, makes me realize how many weekly titles I've been reading).
So the conclusion: I need to stop being lazy because I have no actual excuse for it, and do all that stuff. Yeah, good luck with that!
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Ok, I'm making an update. Finally. Because I'm trying to do so since like last week.

First and the most important - school's out. And it ended with a bang. They we're making some repairs thanks to an EU project (actually "making repairs" is just too small to describe all the racket in both the school building and the dorms). So, our classes were reduced to 30 min. each, we were divided in two shifts and practically we were doing nothing for two weeks time. And for the last two days  before the official closing of the year, we even weren't in the building anymore. We made little excursions, which were totally awesome ^,^

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So yeah, that's probably it. Now I need to download Burn Notice Season 1 to watch it in my free time (not that I don't have several episodes of Doctor Who to catch up with or several ones of Pretty Little Liars, too).
13 June 2010 @ 09:51 pm
Making decisions about your life sucks. Making decisions important for your life sucks big time.
Thinking that in some parallel universe a parallel you has chosen another path, a different one and is probably sorry for it as much as you do, doesn't help either.
What am I talking about? I'm talking about those "extra classes for talented children" in school, a.k.a. you do some extra work in order to get good results in competitions in all possible school subjects. To enter, you should be invited by a teacher. So yeah, I got invited for two of those classes - Literature and French (since I got to nationals). It is very likely that I won't be able to attend both. But I really want to. So here comes the question - which one to pick?
Literature would be a could choice because: a) I want to become a writer, b) I've been looking for something like this for ages, and c) one of my overall exams is on that subject. Since a couple of friends of mine know I want to become a writer and I really love to write (and they really want me to go with them to study in England (creative writing, of course), they think I should pick this.
Meantime, French is really important too because: a) probably my second pick for an overall exam will be French, b) I'll be taking a language certificate exam next year and it will be helpful, and c) I want a better score in next year's Olympics.
What do I want? Both. Nothing more and nothing less. Because I know I can take them. Because I want to try.
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05 June 2010 @ 04:44 pm
It was high time for me to create one^^

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Ok, I just needed to write something, anything. You know, to scratch my fingers. Well, of course, there are a lot of things I could dedicate this post to, but let's make it shorter, ok?
First, I just found out I have scored 85 points on the French Language Olympics test. Which, in fact, is not a bad score at all - just a little disappointing because it puts me somewhere around 6 or 7 in my age group (10th grade). Well, considering it was a country-wide contest and I actually have the highest score from the whole Plovdiv region (all groups), it turns out to be a pretty awesome result. Anyway, next year I'll do better, I'm sure of that^^
Speaking of French, my French teacher wants us (and by us I mean every French-studying class in the school, currently only 4 left since the 12th grade graduated two weeks ago) to do 'A Francophone Night' with our parents invited and all in the end of the school year. Ok, there is no way I'm participating - no matter if it's a musketeer or what ever idea she comes up with. So she had this awesome idea I have to make some calligrammes. And I'm feeling too lazy to do that, especially right now. I have some more important things to do! Like rewatching SPN *cough*
And while on this awful subject of conversation, called school, today I found out I was the only one in our Informatics group who actually can write something working on Pascal. Which is cool, it gives me some bonus points. Which, considering how is our teacher like, it's really, really good. Anyway, this wasn't the most important thing that happened. On the desktop of one of the computers was this awesome SPN wallpaper I may never find. But it made me smile. it made me smile a lot. I have no idea why, but every time I see these boys I just can't help myself and I smile like a total idiot. Heh, Winchesters make me happy^^
The other event was finally finishing Shadow kiss. I had been reading it for 5 day which is too much for the books I love. It wasn't that I didn't find it interesting, but I just didn't have enough time. And I had read about half of it before that. So yeah, it was a bad start. Well, it's finished now. I knew how it ended, but still at the end I felt really... sad?
Anyway, right now I'm at home. And I feel like I have wasted all my day. You know why? Because there is no new SPN episode =.= Man, my Fridays are no Fridays without this one episode. And by the way, no, I'm still not ready to talk about it. I doubt I will ever be because I'll be crying after every time I watch it. It feels like Doctor Who's "Doomsday". And if there wasn't a s6, it probably would've felt like rewatching Requiem for a Dream.
End yeah, I think that pretty much sums it all.

*And I know I fell down, but while falling, I was flying
Sounds a lot better in Bulgarian, yeah. Especially when it's not my crappy translation.

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01 May 2010 @ 10:20 pm
So finally I decided that I have enough time to sit and write in my journal. Although, as usually it is when I start doing something that I shouldn't be doing right at that moment, I have tons of other work to do. Like read all the manga chapters I haven't read since my CAE exam. Like Naruto, Bleach (although I've started writing a fanfic), Reborn (oh, my favorite <333), DGM and so on. Thank God, there aren't many ones that are weekly. Or are there? I should check my MAL account!
Anyway, I promised a friend to write a long critisizing commentary for his writings, which as you can see, I'm still not doing. But I already have some ideas, so it won't take a lot of time.
Also, I would really like to finish at least the firs part of SyFy's Alice (Andrew Lee Potts is like the cutest Mad Hatter ever<333). After that I want to watch Final Fantasy VII the director's cut. And the thing I probably won't do is to watch Bratz The Movie xP
You know what, I'm quite sure the first thing I'll do is to watch Doctor Who, because when I'm done with the commentary, it will already be time for the new episode. And there are Weeping angles^^ Bet there won't be any blinking tonight xD
Meanwhile I'm listening to all the songs from Sons Of Anarchy that I have. They are all like... wow!
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30 April 2010 @ 07:22 pm

Today is avocett 's birthday. And she deserves a Skate b-day banner!

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